Sunday, February 7, 2010


...boundaries.... we cross them, we set them, we test them. Do we not see them so much? or do we not care that they are there? Is it not our nature to expand, to grow, to search out? All throughout history this has been the case. Expanse, growth, development at the expense of others. Loved ones around us, friends, strangers...all smashing on us like waves on a stone cliff. Meant to keep us safe, they keep us hedged off. Cut off. A force field around a nerve that we dare not touch.
Are they not necessary though? I find them to be. Safety rules come about because someone got hurt. Easy enough. They protect us from ourselves. Is that what we're doing here? Protecting ourselves by placing lines around us that should not be crossed. "Don't go there.... i'd have to deal with something that's been left in the dark for a long time." "Uh, that hurts, can you stop it please?" Hey, check it out. When you get a reef cut, you have to scrub that shit out with pumice and lime to get the coral out, and kill the bacteria. Once that's done, it can heal. Left alone, it'll get infected. I'm seeing a connection there. Anyway, just an observation. As you were....

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