Sunday, September 5, 2010

would you?

If I wasn't there, would you know that I'm not?.....
Had I been there a lot, because of late I have not.
Are you there just to chatter?
I was there for another matter.
No downing a few, or clink of the glass.
Its the same in here, so I think I'll pass.
Social hour and gossip is not why I'm here.
You go through the motions even without your beer.
Relying on the clique only gets you so far,
But you still feel alone once you get in your car.
I come here for life, not for the sober bar.
I hope that you find what you're not looking for...
I believe that you will, knock on god's door.
Like wheat from the chaff, the old and the new.
Some have to raise their hands, and some never do.
Take this to heart, for noone will for you...
Only then will you make it, when you see the scene won't do.
We are what we are, we all have one name....
But its the ones who stay on who don't stay the same.
Our enemy is common, and its plays for keeps....
Just remember that friend while you're texting your peeps.
Missing the point from beginning to end,
I might sound like I'm not, but I am your best friend.
I want you to make it, I sincerely do.
I can want all I want, but in the end do you?
So its been a while, but worry not my friend, I'm doing just fine.
Just incase you did wonder, though I'm not on your mind.
What ever will you do, when you don't have the crowd?
When those voices are all that you have, and they're ever so loud...
Telling you lies, instead of the truth.
Would you know, my friend, that he's right there with you?
I think of you often, and if you forgot me, I'll not.
See, I have his love, and the scene's all you've got.
I ask would you notice? Would I?
I do.

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