Tuesday, November 2, 2010


They teach us that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, with the expectation of a different result each time. We see that we were insane with this clear mind, assuming it has been cleared. We see the worlds insanity too, and rather than step into the stream of it as we did in the past we, step back and find another way around it. We see the insanity in those we love, and have to accept that we cannot change it. We have to again, step back, and find another way around it. The good word states that to argue the truth with a non-believer is a waste of time, for they can no more hear you than a deaf man hear the breaze blow around his own ears. I look at a trainwreck 36 years in the making. Never learning how to accept "no" from those blessed with the gift of that life to mold, thus they were never prepared for the world to tell them "no" either.
The financial institutions of the world are crucifying the very ones they gave money too for not upholding their end of the bargain, and up the arms go 'round the country. Wonder where the defaulting home owners learned their ways? You have to look no further than the banks that gave the money....the banks that loan out money....money that's only there to loan so long as you leave yours in their vault. Doesn't that mean it really never was there? Or is it loaning on a loan? Hmmmmm. I prefer an old cigar box, thank you. So i'm off the grid, so i don't exist. Not in your world anyway, perhaps, but i'm not laying so much stock in this world anyhow, and i'm not losing any sleep over it. It means i drive old cars, cars that others wouldn't. It means I ride a bike to work that i bought for $14 at a garage sale, and live in ways we used to as a nation. Paid in full. Up front. In cash. Somewhere "our word is our bond" was lost and became "our plastic is our bond", and the score reflects if we are to be trusted or not. Again...stepped back, and found another way around.
So be angry with me because i disagree with you, thats alright. I can't help what you think of me, but I'll never show my worth to someone on this earth by way of a monitary gesture. I don't show my worth with money. I don't show my love with money. You can give your worth....yourself, and you can give your love....your heart, and they will last forever. You can give someone an android phone and it will be outdated in 6 months. You can give someone a new car and it just depreciatied as you drove it off the lot. Think about it. Are you going to be thinking of those things when you die? Do you think those you love will be thinking of those things YOU gave them when they die?
So, go on and throw me under the bus for not participating in the insanity. Go on and judge me for my faults. I can't control that, and I accept that i'm not perfect. I realize that you don't see the world and what it all means the way I do. I don't gain my worth or approval from you, even though i love you. I forget sometimes, but I have to remember also that i'm not a player in the game of those around me, and so i cannot measure myself on their scale. Throw your gold upon the scale, i'm gonna throw up my heart on the other side and let God be the judge.

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