Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I don't know anything....

things have shifted
I can sense the plates of my life coming apart, and becoming something new.

The fear would come, but I would give it away. 
I don't care anymore...I'm weightless
I imagine myself a man, trapped in a numb world, drugged out of his mind, embracing each new high, new lover, new to all, and closed to everything.

I never realized I don't have to settle. I don't have to force anything to work. I don't have to be okay with people, places, situations, things....okay with things I'm just not okay with. 

Moving forward...pushing my ship off the dock into unknown waters, and I'm going to bed below decks. I don't care what I wake too..whether I'm above the deep, or deep below it. 

I'm the train station. People coming and going in and out...through me. No-one stays. They arrive, and leave. But I stay in the same place. I keep the time. 

I will take adventures of my own from here- and return, back to this place. Myself.

What lies ahead? Where do I go?
I don't know anything....

John Brown

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  1. Hey John. I am a Latty descendant by Alice's younger sister, Georgia. I found some of your old family pics on Flickr and I really enjoyed them. I do genealogical research and pics like that are hard to come by. I would like to get in touch with you and talk family and see if anyone you know may have any more pics or family stories I could record. Drop me an email when you get a chance.