Friday, July 1, 2011

Merlin's Dust......

I have a good friend up north in Washington taking hunks of steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, mixed in with some metal flake, and turning it all into the desires of a man's heart. I speak of two wheeled freedom. Freedom from the norm. Freedom from the stripped down sissified modern man mold that society has created. Freedom from whatever it is you need freed from.....women, jail, booze, past....put your knees in the breeze on one of these..... I present to you in it's early form.."Merlin's Dust"

dig it....
below are some footnotes on the build by the man himself....
"3 years in the making of the roller, 2 months for the whole rest of
it. handmade frame, handmade front end and trees, all mounts
,controls, tabs and bungs scratch built in house. trees,top and lower
motor mounts are made to mimic the shape of the triumph rocker boxes
.3 weeks ago i drove down to napa from tacoma to pick up paint from
brandon penserini, drove back,built it up in 3 days and drove back
down to orange county for born free 3."

go and let your eyes be opened....

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