Friday, October 14, 2011

and nothing else matters....

Letting my folks down
Letting myself down
Marching in the hot sun towards an unknown future
You weren't with us yet but you already made it all worthwile
1,700 miles from all i've known
sixteen lanes into four
I can't find a quiet place, and all night long the jets roar overhead
she screams at me, i know she wants to leave, but i don't know why
you're on your way, like a bomb dropped into a total war zone
i was blown away by you, and nothing else mattered...
my life changed forever, my life had a purpose forever
it all happened within the course of a year, and your waves will go on forever causing ripples in my pond till long after i'm gone
my parents had to shove me off the dock like a ship to sea
i fought like hell and helplessly watched you both being ripped from me
going through the motions because to keep going on is all i know,
i put one foot in front of the other
i know you didn't see, that to not see you, was killing me. I know you couldn't see, that to talk on the phone only made my heart bleed
it all fell apart again, my best laid plans....
making mockery of my wants and my will when it wasn't his...
i see now, what i didn't see then, and i praise him now for what he brought me through that i cursed him for allowing then
we three are survivors, more than that, victors....our hour is at hand, you and i
we will dream big dreams together, be free to be together, you and i...
i can walk through fire. i can take it all. I am not afraid, for i am in her good graces. She is beautiful, she is part of me, she loves me as i love her. i'll never be lonely if i have her in my life....
and nothing else matters

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